Mission: Interview

Master The Coding Interview

I loathe coding interviews. They're tedious, annoying and the questions they ask have very little to do with the job you're applying for. So why do they ask these questions?

I made the video that I wished I had years ago, when applying at Microsoft, Avanade, Google and others. Something to get me past the frustration and actually allow me to enjoy the process. I needed a video that would show me what I needed to review, the strategies involved and that, YES, it's doable. So I made one!

I also wanted to see how an expert would solve these tough problems so I asked Jon Skeet to join me for a 5-question interview session, just like you would find at Google, where Jon works. He interviews people all the time - now he gets a taste of his own medicine!

Over 5 Hours of tightly-edited, top quality video

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What You Get

As with all of our video productions, you get a downloadable site that you can run directly from your hard drive. Each video is streamable, so you can watch it right away, or downloadable for viewing offline.

There are 13 videos in all, each between 10 and 40 minutes long. Each video page has a quick summary so you know what's going on and it also has the code you'll need to get started.

In addition, all the links you need are provided with the downloadable site. Have some feedback? The link is right at the top, which takes you to our Github repo where you can let us know what you think.