Going Solo

A Blueprint for Going Out On Your Own as a Software Developer

Taking control of your career can be lifechanging - the freedom to work on what you want when you want is intoxicating. In 2004 I was going to give it all up, ready to go back to school so I could earn my commercial captian's license with the goal of driving tugboats in San Francisco Bay. Luckily, a friend talked me out of it as he needed some help with a project he was working on at PayPal.

Thus started my journey as a solo developer... which hasn't always been fun. Turns out that it's really easy to screw the whole thing up if you don't start with a solid plan. That's why I made this video.

I've packaged everything I've learned about running a solo business over the last 15 years into a solid, tightly-edited hourlong video.

A 5 Minute Preview

When I started making videos in 2009, my main inspiration was PeepCode, a company created and run by Geoffrey Grosenbach. The quality of his presentation, audio and visuals has always been an inspiration for me. I miss PeepCode! Little hour-long videos you could watch on the train or over the weekend.

This production is patterned after a typical PeepCode video. The world needs more of these!